Past participants have spoken about how their engagement with a TWA course has led to vastly improved levels of confidence and self esteem, as well as combatting social isolation and helping them to find healthy outlets to process mental trauma and find release. The benefits also include an increased self and interpersonal awareness, increased sense of validation in voicing one’s truth and an enhanced ability to capture and reframe significant life stories. You can read testimonials from past participants below:

“I feel like I’ve been on quite a journey of healing, and I’m deeply grateful for that.”

“Without this course I would have not moved on with my grief – and I have moved on!”

“I especially liked meeting and getting to know other peoples who shared a common goal in wanting to write; and being able to discuss and listen to their ideas and writing.”

“The celebration and sheer joy of writing, and having that opportunity to openly discuss one’s own mental health issues – at the same time listening to others experiences has done much to widen perception and understanding.”

“I’ve had so much fun, so much joy. The focus of the sessions each week really helped with the discipline. The empathy and input of “our leader” Holly has been all important.”

“I especially liked the opportunities that the course has opened up for me and the confidence that it has given me.”

“The atmosphere of the group was always friendly and supportive.”

“I feel more on charge of my own mental health now and the group made me realise that I am not alone. I’d like to help other people to feel more mentally healthy, I would have not been inspired to do this if it hadn’t been for this course.”

“The sessions have really helped with my confidence and I’ve made new friends too.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, it has helped massively in my healing process and given me so much confidence and new friendships – an experience that will stay with me for a long time.”

“The course was an entirely positive experience for me.”

“Being part of a community and completing the book has been hugely beneficial to my mental health. It felt so good to actually complete something and to succeed.”

“Seeing my poetry in print has been a dream come true. I hope my words will help other people going through similar experiences.”

“I especially liked the supportive environment created by Holly and the rest of the group.”

“It has been so confidence building.”

“I rarely reveal my creative side in front of anyone, let alone strangers. The satisfaction of coming up with written work that I am genuinely proud of has been so good for me.”

“The course has set me up for taking my writing practice further.”

“My mental health is more stable and balanced since I started the course.”

“This course has been life changing!”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“Holly is an amazing tutor, I can’t recommend this course enough!”

“It’s the highlight of my week. I would not have been able to get through lockdown without the support these sessions gave me.”

“I feel heard and valued for the first time ever.”

“At the start of the course, the idea of getting on stage and sharing poetry based on my most intimate thoughts seemed impossible but there was no pressure to get there. Slowly, week by week, my confidence grew as did my poems. To start with I didn’t even realise I was writing poetry, I was just writing down things to complete the exercises. Through Holly’s gentle guidance I found belief in myself and realised that my words were important. I was so proud to get them in the book. The launch event was amazing! It was so well attending and so much support was there. Everyone was telling us how great we were. I was so proud of myself and the rest of the group. Most people wanted to share their poems. It felt so good to be able to talk about what matters to us, in such a safe environment. I am still writing. It really helps me to sort my head out. I feel much stronger and more confident now. I had no idea that this course would transform my life in this way, but I am so grateful that it has.”