TWA Student Author Project

They think they can’t write. 
They think their stories and experiences don’t matter. 
We’re here to change that! 

How would your students feel seeing their name in print
and owning a book of their poems? 
We’ll publish your students’ work, resulting in beautiful books

that you can sell with all profits going back into the school.  

Who we are…  

We are The Word Association CIC, a collective of writers and publishing professionals who work with marginalised communities and reluctant writers of all ages. We encourage writing as a form of creative expression and as a means of therapy (to process life events and to explore our own identity). 

What we do… 

We run writing workshops with all sorts of communities, including offenders and probationers, survivors of sexual violence, speakers of English as a Second or Other Language, migrants, individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, those with long term mental health conditions, homeless people, neurodivergent individuals, young people, people dealing with bereavement and grief, disabled people and people with long term and/or terminal health conditions.  

We also publish anthologies of people’s work, through the publishing arm of our organisation Bite Poetry Press.  

What can we offer your school? 

We can pair you with one of our writers, to provide a series of workshops that will encourage your students to write around a variety of themes relevant to your curriculum (from PSHE to history and beyond…)  We will work with your teachers to decide on the most suitable and valuable themes for your students. Their poems will then be curated into a beautiful, edited book that can be sold to parents to raise funds for your school.  

You may decide to offer the opportunity to the whole school, resulting in one book that contains everyone’s work or instead opt to produce a series of books with smaller year groups. We have different writers available with experience in working with different age groups, so can easily accommodate your needs.

How much would this cost? 

The beauty of the project is that all of the cost of the writing workshops and publishing can be easily recouped through book sales.  

We’re interested and would love to know more 

Email our creative director, Holly Winter-Hughes on to book a phone conversation or in person consultation where we can explain the project in more detail. We understand that each school has different targets and challenges, so we are fully prepared to deliver individual programmes for each individual school.   

The Word Association CIC 
Encouraging writing outside the margins